Group Photo

November 2022 (on the roof of the Biomedical and Physical Sciences Building at MSU

Left to right: Trevor Hickle, Vedran Jelic, Spencer Ammerman, Tyler Cocker, Mohamed Hassan, Stefanie Adams, Kaedon Cleland-Host, Sheng Lee

Principle Investigator

Prof. Tyler Cocker

Group Secretary

Suzanne Harwood-Brown

Post-Doctoral Fellows

Dr. Vedran Jelic

PhD Students

Spencer Ammerman

Mohamed Hassan

Sheng Lee

Stefanie Adams

Trevor Hickle

Undergraduate Students

Kaedon Cleland-Host

Lab alumni

Vivian N. Breslin (Masters Student 2018-2021)

Yajing Wei (Undergraduate Researcher 2019-2020)

Nathan T. Everett (Undergraduate and Post-Baccalaureate Researcher 2018-2019)

Isabella Ginnett (Undergraduate Researcher 2018-2019)

Celia Mercovich (REU Student Researcher 2019)

Gary Wu (Undergraduate Student Researcher 2020)